Teamflys was created by a group of local flight instructors with a goal of providing the region with a source of professional flight instruction and aircraft rental.  Our instructors are full-time employees in other careers, who have the available time and passion to pass along to new students their love of flying.  This is a no pressure, have fun first approach.  We are not interested in becoming a pilot factory, pumping out new pilots for the sake of profit.  Rather, we’re interested in growing our flying community.  The people we teach become new friends who then rent with us or buy their own airplanes.  Some attend our Summer gatherings or join us in group flights.  Learning to fly in North Adams has many advantages over other airports.  It’s one of the most beautiful airports in the country and it’s quiet with very few distractions.  Having no control tower or nearby busy airspace allows the students to maximize the time their paying for.  Start the engine, taxi out to the runway, and your lesson has begun. We invite you to take a look around our site and contact us with any questions you may have.  Hopefully, you’ll give us the chance to change your life with the love of flying that we’ve found for ourselves.

Your source of flight instruction and aircraft rental.

Learn to Fly

  1. -Sport Pilot License

  2. -Private Pilot License

  3. -Biennial Flight Review

- Tailwheel Endorsements

Aircraft Rental

  1. -Piper Cub

  2. -Cessna 172 (Coming Soon)

Scenic Flights

-For up to 3 passengers

Gift Certificates Available